Large ceramic tile murals for your wall, kitchen or other custom installations.

Creativity, knowledge of my materials and processes, a little engineering and alot of planning makes these wall tiles singularly unique.

eckhardt newlondonnh

A subtle view of the mountains

created in this kitchen centerpiece.

Approx. 72" wide x 33" ht.  installed

in a hospital waiting area


fluxlines-a adkserenade2

Custom tiles grouped together

and painted as one large piece.



3tiles1  intersections4a   sofc3x

 Each tile is 7 1/4" w. x 11" ht.

($125 each)

 24" w. x 32" ht.  22" w. x 11" ht.
Adirondack Currents
40" w. x 24" ht.










Please get in touch with me if you think a large ceramic artwork might fit in your surroundings.